Who could benefit from learning non-verbal communication?

Sales people, colleagues, businesses, entrepreneurs, employees, schools, teachers, counselors, parents, teens, students, people looking for a job, interviewers, people who are dating, & many more!


             Can body language determine if you are successful at a job interview?

Yes. Upon arrival, it's best to give a firm handshake & look the employer in the eye.

          If you are sitting in a room with another person talking to you, how                       can you use body language to show you are interested in what they arsaying?

Leaning in and head nods show that you're interested in the conversation and what they are saying is important to you.


What does it mean when someone crosses their arms?

Folded arms can mean that they are closed off to what you have to say or that you have lost their interest. (or they are cold)

What does it mean when a child covers their mouth?

It can mean that they are being dishonest.

Can you tell a real smile from a fake smile?

Yes, a genuine smile will make wrinkles around the eyes. A pretend smile is only with the mouth.

Will I be able to learn to read body language?

Yes you will! Contact us for more info!